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Really good Product, working exactly as it should! It was also delivered next day despite taking standard postage…. highly recommended product and supplier.

Rob P.

Ive set up my ballast today and i wasn’t expecting the power it punches out.
Not only does it pack a punch above the rest it has a dimmer control to asjust from 250 up to super power over 600watts. Seriously Impressed …Heat is instant as soon as i screwed in my 600watt bulb and switched on this beast.


Brilliant item, couldn’t ask for a better service with next day delivery. Works better than i expected! Runs silent with a soft start plus the added gain of being able to adjust the brightness of the lamp from 200 watts to over 600 watts on the booster mode! IMO great for tents of up to 100cm sq on the highest setting. Im used to using LED panels which are in themselves excellent lights and work extremely well for the flowers i grow but the constant burnt out diodes got on my nerves and me being not electrically savvy had to send the things (at my expense) back to be fixed with a return time of 10 days. At least with this IF the bulb blows on me all i have to do is order one on next day delivery.


This seems to work very well. It is an extremely bright light at 600W power. Be cautious not to put it too close to what you are growing. I would start at 1m at least to allow your plants to get used to it. The ballast (power supply) seems solid and well constructed with a sturdy metal control knob.. It was very well packed.


Delivered b4 stated date #bonus points ✔
Only just set it up . Was easy and straightforward ✔
It is only on 250w setting … wow WOW WOW … It’s the doggies doodahhs. Top notch gear so far ✔
So far I’m a very impressed satisfied customer

George Mei

Amazingly good for the price. Had this about 3/4 months now and had no problems at all. Infact i had exceptional results! Much much better than the old red hot buzzing ballasts we all know and hate! Hardly any heat considering it can push 660 watts through it on the Super Lumen setting. It arrived quickly and in great condition, also had a packet of Gummie bears in the box. Munched them whilst setting up. Cheers 😊. I will be buying several more in the very near future.

Amazon Customer

Just recently taken stock of your DIGI-PRO ballasts and grow bulbs, they have gone down well. Need to order more.

Wheatly Hydroponics

Friendly staff, reliable products. I’ve already recommended your products to another wholesaler.

Wednesfield Hydroponics